Corydon Physiotherapy Clinic At Winnipeg, MB

We are a Winnipeg pain treatment and handling clinic which can assist you to help treat your pain, providing several recovery therapies including physiotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture and much more. In 1987 we moved into our present 3100 sq. ft. Our certified physiotherapists and wellness staff will ensure that your treatment program is made especially for your requirements. We utilize a blend of options that will assist you heal from the simplest way possible. In addition, we provide direct billing to insurance companies for our Winnipeg physiotherapy services. Can not make it to this practice? Ask about our full time physiotherapy visits!

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Winnipeg Diagnostic Services is comprised of 3 labs — the Crossmatch Laboratory, the Perinatal Laboratory as well as the Platelet Immunology Laboratory. The Crossmatch Laboratory provides patient centered services for hospitals in Manitoba, North West Ontario and eastern Nunavut. The Perinatal Laboratory providers clinics and hospitals in Manitoba, North West Ontario, eastern Nunavut and a few facilities in Saskatchewan. The Platelet Immunology Laboratory providers hospitals in Manitoba and provides reference services on a domestic basis.

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QuickCare clinics are there to fulfill your unexpected healthcare needs even if some other clinics might be shut. QuickCare clinics are staffed with nurse practitioners and registered nurses that will help prevent, diagnose and treat minor health problems. QuickCare clinics can save a visit to an emergency area or having to wait to see your normal supplier.

When can I see a QuickCare Clinic?

Visits can be reserved by telephone or can be scheduled in person. Clinic hours are posted on the sites given below. When can I see a QuickCare Clinic? Who can I see for my own care? Registered nurses offer a broad assortment of maintenance, including assisting you with slight wounds, viral infections, insect bites, bumps, bruises and sprains.

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses with advanced training and education and give the entire array of primary care providers, including prescribing medications and ordering diagnostic tests. When are QuickCare Clinics available? QuickCare clinics are available days, evenings, weekends and vacations that will assist you get the healthcare you need if you want it.

Can I visit your QuickCare clinic when I have a regular medical care provider? They’re intended to assist you to get healthcare you require, when your normal supplier is unavailable or in a time which is more suitable for you.

You may ask for that information on your visit to your QuickCare clinic is shared together with your routine healthcare provider to be able to maintain your medical records true and up-to-date and also to guarantee continuity of care. How are QuickCare Clinics used? These clinics are intended to satisfy the unforeseen health care needs of you and your family through times when many other clinics are shut.